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For gardeners

GreenSales has everything what gardeners and landscapers need. Just mention the name of the plant, shrub or tree you are looking for and GreenSales and GreenSales delivers it.

Competitive price, fast delivery

The entire range is competitively priced and orders are quickly delivered. Plants that are in stock are shipped within 72 hours. For orders there is never a minimum amount. We provide you with the same courtesy for a single example as you would for a several thousands examples.

Delivery on location

Gardeners who prefer to receive the ordered plants at the location where they are working, can make use of the rapid delivery service from GreenSales. All plants, shrubs and trees are treated with the greatest possible care, packaged and transported. In a closed truck, protected from the effects of the wind and the sun, thegreenery wil bedamp and delivered at the place where you want it.

We have recently developed a revolutionary pallet with significant advantages over the traditional pallet. This pallet arrives with your planting undamaged and orderly at the location you specify. In addition, more planting per pallet can be loaded, which reduces transport costs per product.